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                選擇區域 / 語言ENGLISH

                ISORA-QTNA2020 Call For Papers

                瀏覽量:31054來源:[ORSC] 日期:[2019.11.29]

                ISORA-QTNA2020 1st Call for Papers

                Important Announcement

                On the basis of the current situation of?Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, the Committees of the ISORA-QTNA2020 conference (Xi'an, China, August 19-23, 2020) has decided to cancel the conference.

                This was a difficult decision, but inevitable decision to make. We take the opportunity to express our utmost gratitude to the chairs and members of Committees. We also give special thanks to the local organizers for the great efforts they have made in preparing the ISORA-QTNA2020 conference in Xi'an, China.

                General Chairs
                Xiaodong Hu
                Wuyi Yue

                General Information

                ISORA-QTNA2020, the 14th International Symposium on Operations Research and Its Applications (ISORA) and the 15th International Conference on Queueing Theory and Network Applications (QTNA) will be jointly organized by Asia-Pacific Operations Research Center (APORC) under APORS and the Operations Research Society of China, to be held in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province in China, from August 19 (Wednesday) to 23 (Sunday), 2020.

                The first ISORA conference took place at Beijing in 1995 and the second was held at Guilin in 1996 in China. From the third, ISORA1998 (Kunming), ISORA2002 (Yichang-Chongqing), ISORA2005 (Tibet), ISORA2006 (Xinjiang), ISORA2008 (Lijiang), ISORA2009 (Zhangjiajie), ISORA2010 (Chengdu-Jiuzhaigou), ISORA2011 (Dunhuang), ISORA2013 (Huangshan), ISORA2015 (Luoyang), ISORA2018 (Guiyang) in China.

                The first QTNA conference took place at Seoul, Korea in 2006. Then QTNA has been held every year: QTNA2007 (Kobe, Japan), QTNA2008 (Taipei, Taiwan), QTNA2009 (Singapore), QTNA2010 (Beijing, China), QTNA2011 (Seoul, Korea), QTNA2012 (Kyoto, Japan), QTNA2013 (Taichung, Taiwan), QTNA2014 (Bellingham, USA), QTNA2015 (Hanoi, Vietnam), QTNA2016 (Wellington, New Zealand), QTNA2017 (Qinhuangdao, China), and QTNA2018 (Tsukuba, Japan), QTNA2019 (Ghent, Belgium).

                This celebrated joint conference ISORA-QTNA2020 is for both ISORA and QTNA community. We hope that this collaboration will become a milestone for our research activity related to ISORA’s topics and QTNA’s topics.

                For more information, please visit:


                Honorary Chairs

                Xiang-Sun Zhang

                Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

                Tatsuo Oyama

                National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan

                General Chairs

                Xiaodong Hu

                Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

                Wuyi Yue

                Konan University, Japan

                Technical Program Committee of ISORA


                Ling-Yun Wu

                Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

                Shuping Gao

                Xidian University, China

                Technical Program Committee of QTNA


                Yutaka Takahashi

                Kyoto University, Japan

                Tuan Phung-Duc

                University of Tsukuba, Japan

                Local Organizing Committee


                Degang Liu

                Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (Chair)

                Yong Wang

                Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

                Aim of the Conferences

                ISORA is a series international symposium with goals to provide an international forum for scientists, researchers, educators, and practitioners in OR/MS to exchange ideas and approaches, to present research findings and state-of-the-art solutions, to share experiences on potentials and limits, and to open new avenues of research and developments, on all issues and topics related to the theories and applications of Operations Research. The previous ISORAs under the support of CAS and National Science Foundation of China (NSFC) were successful and attracted many international scholars.

                The QTNA conference aims to promote the knowledge and development of high-quality research on queueing theory and its applications to networks and other related fields. The conference brings together researchers, scientists and practitioners from over the world and offers an open forum to share the latest important research accomplishments and challenging problems in the area of queueing theory, and network and related applications.

                Topics of Interest

                Topics in ISORA-QTNA2020 include, but not limited to, those listed in the following:

                ISORA Section

                Optimization Theory and Applications

                Deterministic and Stochastic Models

                Big Data Analytics

                Algorithms and Design

                Logistics Management

                Telecommunication Networks

                Complex Networks

                Emergency and Disaster Management

                Health Care Models

                OR Applications in Public Sector

                OR Practices in Industry, Service, Finance, Business, Military and Biology

                Cost Benefit Analysis and Economic Impact

                QTNA Section

                Queueing Analysis of Cloud Services and Computing

                Queueing Analysis of Scheduling Policies

                Queues in Healthcare Systems

                Markov Decision Processes in Queueing Systems

                Analysis of Multi-Class Queueing Networks

                Game Theory in Queueing Systems

                Markov Analysis of Queueing Systems

                Matrix Analytic Methods

                Fluid and Diffusion Approximation in Queueing Networks

                Performance Analysis and Evaluation of Networks

                Design and Capacity Planning of Networking Models

                Stochastic Models for Internet of Things (IoT)

                Traffic Management and Routing

                Traffic Measurement and Data Analysis

                Design and Management of Networks

                Source Modeling for Multi-Media Traffic and Web-Based Applications

                Performance Evaluation and Simulation Tools

                Simulation and Experimental Validation of Networks

                Simulation of Stochastic Models

                Large Deviations Theory

                Cost-Benefit Analysis and Economic Impact of Networks

                Optimization of Stochastic Systems

                Paper Submission

                Online Submission (Online Submission System will be: Easychair)

                Submission Requirements

                Original research papers are solicited in all aspects of Operations Research and its Applications in engineering, technology and management (ISORA) or Queueing Theory and Network Applications (QTNA).

                The papers should be written in English. While submitting your manuscripts (more than 4 pages including abstract, results and references in Conference format). Only on-line submissions (in pdf format) are acceptable. When the authors submit their papers, they should select which section, ISORA or QTNA to submit.


                (1) Booklet

                Including conference program and abstracts of the accepted papers. The booklet will be printed and posted on the conference website.

                (2) Proceedings

                All submissions will be rigorously reviewed and evaluated on the quality, originality, soundness, and significance of their contributions by TPC members of ISORA or QTNA.

                At least one of each accepted paper must register by June 5, 2020 in order for the final paper version to appear in the conference brochure.

                All accepted and also presented papers will be included in an electronic version of the conference proceedings with program, provided to all conference participants.

                Important Dates

                Paper Submission Due: April 20, 2020

                Acceptance Notification: May 30, 2020

                Camera-Ready Papers and Registration Due: June 15, 2020

                ?? Conference: August 19-23, 2020

                Early Bird Registration (before June 15) Fee

                Early bird registration: USD450 or RMB3200 including technical sessions, coffee breaks, luncheons, reception, banquet, and conference events. Accompany person registration: USD300 or RMB2100 including coffee breaks, luncheons, reception, banquet, and conference events.

                About Xi’an

                Xi'an, located in central-northwest China, records the great changes of the country just like a living history book. Called Chang'an (meaning the eternal city) in ancient times,?it is one of the birthplaces of the ancient Chinese civilization in the Yellow River Basin area. As the eastern terminal of the Silk Road and the site of the famous Terracotta Warriors of the Qin Dynasty,?the city?has won a?reputation all over the world. More than 3,000 years of history including over 1,100 years?as the capital city of ancient dynasties, have?endowed the city with an amazing historical heritage. Travelers marvel at the numerous historical sites and cultural relics in the city. Attractions within the city of Xi’an include Terracotta Army museum, bell tower, city wall, Muslim quarter, giant wild goose pagoda, etc.

                Conference & Hotel Venue (to be finalized)

                Sofitel Xi’an on Renmin Square

                319 Dongxin Street, Xincheng District Xi'an 710005 China


                Xi'an is one of the most attractive travel destinations in China. Frequent flights, trains and buses connect the city with other major hub cities all around the world and China. Many direct flights are operating every day linking Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. Distance between Xian International Airport and the conference venue hotel is 37.5km, about 1 hour by taxi.


                Dr. Degang Liu

                Operations Research Society of China

                Haidian Beijing, 100190

                Tel: +86-10-82541990

                Email: dliu@amt.ac.cn

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